Keep Your Records Fresh With the Prodigy Vinyl Cleaner

We love the allure and aesthetic of all things retro, but that also means careful upkeep. While streaming on Spotify and Pandora is convenient, sometimes we crave a more intimate way of listening to music. You can go the route of CDs or cassettes or for an even more vintage experience, vinyl records. Records have had a very successful resurgence in the last decade or so and continue to rise in popularity. Another reason for the vinyl love is the sturdy nature of them. CDs and cassette tapes get scratched easily or suffer sonic degradation. Even though vinyl is sturdier, that doesn’t mean your records should be treated haphazardly. Give your record collection some love with the Prodigy Vinyl Cleaner.

Professional cleaning in a small package

This unique universal disc cleaner is perfect for 5” digital discs and 7”, 10”, and 12” records. It features a new, unique threadless point suction system so you have easier and better performance. The Prodigy gives your records a precise and effective wash and dry at every turn. Both sides of an LP will be clean and ready to play in less than five minutes. The Prodigy guarantees zero recontamination in the cleaning process and super silent operation. The device doesn’t have a large footprint. 

Sitting at just 21” x 9”, the Prodigy fits even the smallest home. It has a small profile and a neutral design and color to fit any room and style. The compact cabinet, main hardware, washing accessories, and lid cover are all crafted from bamboo. Bamboo is naturally low resonance, noise absorbing, anti-statis, moisture resistant, robust, and hard wearing. The Prodigy uses 12V for worldwide adaptability. It’s from the original BBC-Monks system, which is trusted by the world’s greatest libraries. It’s recommended to use Keith Monks discOvery Natural Precision biodegradable cleaning fluids for the best deep clean results. Buy Here

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