Proof’s Lightning Field Jacket Is Your Rainy Day Best Friend

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just sit inside by the fire on every rainy day? Although that sounds a lot more welcoming than braving the elements on your way to work, life, unfortunately, forces us to do the latter.

So, when you have to go outside in less-than-optimal conditions, you need a jacket that not only keeps you warm and dry but also looking good. The Lightning Field Jacket from Proof is the perfect answer.

Rain, Or Snow, Or Wind

The beauty of Proof’s Lightning Field Jacket is that it is built for every situation. A rugged shell is ready to handle extreme cold, even in blizzard-like conditions. Meanwhile, a Tricot interior lining is soft to the touch. When the weather warms up, it won’t start to feel sticky against your skin.

The jacket’s triple-layer construction and a seam-sealed interior make it completely waterproof. Whether you’re traversing the rainy streets of Seattle or enduring a monsoon in the deserts of Arizona, the Lightning Field Jacket is ready to keep you dry. Speaking of, two waterproof pockets will keep your valuables just as dry at the same time.

Lightweight Performance

You may be thinking that the features of this jacket might make it bulky and cumbersome. However, that is exactly the opposite of what the Lightning Field Jacket is actually like. It has stretchy materials built-in with just enough give to let you move freely. Meanwhile, two cinches (one at the waist and one at the hood) let you adjust the fit to your needs.

A two-way zipper and button snap closure seal you in tightly from the elements for the ultimate in comfort in dryness. Despite all the performance, the Lightning Field jacket is still able to look classy with a sophisticated style and dark black color. Buy Here


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