The Pulaski Axe Is A Giant Leap In Badassery

As if lumberjacks weren’t sexy enough, the Pulaski Axe by Barebones will have you chopping wood in style. The 24-inch tool is quite larger than the brand’s other products, but still handles nimbly.

The beautiful merging of beech wood and carbon steel—crafted with exquisite detail and appealing design—might make you think twice before putting it to use. But don’t worry: the axe is about as durable as it gets, especially thanks to a steel core running along the handle, keeping it very resilient.

Two opposing blades expand the tool’s functionality, with the axe on one end and a horizontal blade on the other. Once you’re done chopping and splitting wood, sheath it up in its gorgeous burnt-orange leather case. A hex key is also included for quick and easy adjustment.

As a brand, Barebones prides itself in making the outdoors more accessible to a modern generation. It might seem like a losing battle—after all, how can chopping wood compete with a smartphone—but maybe they’re onto something.

Who knows….with a tool as gorgeous as the Pulaski Axe, you might be inspired to roll up your sleeves, venture outside, and become the badass masculine lumberjack you always knew you could be. Buy $135

Images courtesy of Huckberry

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