This Pull Up And Dip Bar Lets You Get Jacked Inside Or Outside

We all know that the grind never stops. Just because you have to go to your wife’s family reunion at the old community park doesn’t mean you have to put your workouts on pause. With this unique, portable pull up bar you can get your grind on anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. Whether a workout calls to you in the park, at home, in a tree, or somewhere else this bar ensures you can answer.

At home, this workout bar mounts easily to just about any surface. It comes with a special bracket for install and removal. It’s unique design allows you to then remove it and store it somewhere else (or take it somewhere else to get even more jacked). The bar’s modular pieces make it portable enough to throw in a backpack and go anywhere. For when you get complaints about the wall bracket that’s left behind when the bar isn’t attached, no worries. It lies flat enough to hide behind a picture or painting.

When you’re ready to change things up, you can do so in a matter of seconds. The bar features a unique incline design that lets you switch between different heights for different exercises. You can rotate it 180 degrees or change the angle of the bar to challenge yourself.

If you really want to change things up, then take the bar outside and find yourself a nice tree. That’s right, a tree. You could use the low-hanging branches for pull ups like a peasant or you could strap your very own pull up bar to it. Use the included gripping strap, wrap around the trunk of the tree, and start getting swole.

This all-inclusive bar lets you get your workout on with over 35 different bodyweight exercises. You can do everything from pull ups and dips (obviously) to muscle ups, core strengthening, and much more. Bodyweight exercises have been scientifically shown to be more effective at increasing your strength and overall muscle tone compared to weight machines.

The bar itself is premium quality and is one that will serve your workouts well in the years to come. It will certainly outlast your New Year’s resolution. Hey, no judgement here, just facts. It features high-quality powder-coated steel and stainless-steel handles. It also is made robustly from a modern manufacturing standpoint so it is designed for a long life.

The handles offer you many different grip angles to alter your workouts. Meanwhile, the set-up does no damage to your door frames like many others do. It is adjustable to fit on any tree or pole and includes everything you need to mount it to your wall inside.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this bar for yourself today and start working out to work off those extra calories from the holidays. Buy Here


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