Puma Ignite PwrSport Golf Shoes Will Make You More Agile On The Greens

Trying to golf on a wet or damp golf course is a nightmare. Seriously. Even if you have golf shoes with spikes in them, your feet are likely to get soaked. Not only will you golf a terrible game, you’ll have a terrible time doing it. There’s only two ways to avoid it. 1.) Don’t go golfing. But that’s no fun. 2.) Wear the all-new Puma Ignite PwrSport Golf Shoes. They’ll keep your feet firmly planted and totally dry. No promises on if they’ll help your score.

Before we get into the details, let’s just agree that these shoes are stylish. These aren’t your grandpa’s ugly golf shoes. (If you are the grandpa, no offense. It’s time for an upgrade though). We love the grey and black uppers and sides accented by tan leather in the heel. These are a modern silhouette of style out on the course.

There’s more to these shoes than just good looks. Puma’s Ignite Foam midsole provides ultimate comfort while walking around the course. Meanwhile, the new PwrCage Saddle provides the support and stability throughout your swing to power your ball down the fairway. Even better, Puma’s PwrFrame is an ultra-thin TPU placed in high stress areas to provide even more support.

Finally, 39 hexagons and 24 chevron lugs on the bottom of the shoe increase traction to the max without the need for spikes. Oh, finally for real this time, these shoes are waterproof and will keep your feet dry in the pouring rain or the dewy grass of early morning. Buy Here




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