Pyro Burn Cage Allows You To Burn Baby Burn

Why do you need a burn cage? The better question is why would you not need a burn cage? The Pyro Burn Cage allows you to burn anything you want in the safest way possible.

Whether you are burning brush, documents, shredded paper, or your ex’s picture, clothes, and favorite album, you can do so without worrying that the house is also going to burn.

Temperatures Rising

Right now you might be using an old barrel, a steel plate, or an inferior burn cage, but once you try the Pyro Burn Cage you will never look back. The Pyro Burn Cage’s design is superior to other burn cages because of the airflow technology that allows flames to get hotter. In turn, you get a better burn.

Ring Of Fire

The Pyro Burn Cage is composed of 4 panels that click together to form a self-supporting structure, making your life just that much easier. Assembly is easy and no tools are required. The panels are made from 14-gauge steel, which is more than two times thicker than steel barrels.

Size Does Matter

The Pyro Burn Cage comes in four different sizes for all of your burning needs. Whether you are looking for something portable to take on the go, or a more long-standing, keep out back for burning stick and branches unit, Pyro has your back.

The Roof Is Not On Fire

Worry no more about catching the house on fire because the Pyro Burn Cage takes away all of the traditional concerns of burning things at home. Gone are the days of waiting for weeks to burn all of your papers. You can leave your Pyro Burn Cage set up and burn worry-free. Buy here

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