Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrist With the Pyro Mini

We’ve all dreamed of having superpowers. Life would just be so much easier if we could read minds, control the weather or walk through walls. While we can’t be Professor X or Storm, there’s a chance we can channel our inner Firestar or Pyro. The Pyro Mini Fireshooter brings you pretty close to superpowers. You might not be fighting crime with this man made device, but think of how easy it would be to start a fire at camp for some sweet, sweet s’mores. And think of all the amazing Boomerangs you can take pretending you’re Goku!

The Pyro Mini was designed for professional magicians, but it’s easy enough for anyone to use. The device can be attached to the wristband and shoots mini fireballs that travel nearly ten feet. The Pyro Mini is discreet and can hide under your shirtsleeve. It’s dual-barrelled and you can fire them individually or simultaneously. The included flash cotton and flash paper load into the two barrels to act as primer. The highly-flammable material ignites and creates a burst of flame with the touch of a button. Easy! The Pyro Mini includes enough combustion material for 120 uses. You can also trigger it from up to 30 feet away with the remote. The shooter charges via USB and each full charge gives you about 600 shots. You’re only $149 away from ultimate badassery! Buy Here

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