PyroVault Is Body Armor For Your Lighter

There’s nothing worse than having your Zippo lighter run out of fluid when you need it because it all evaporated. Or worse, you dropped it or got it run over by a car. Thankfully, you can keep it safe and functional with the PyroVault. This nifty little case is like body armor for your Zippo and instantly transforms it into a badass survival lighter that’s ready to take a beating.

The PyroVault fits Zippo-style lighter inserts, both butane torch and fluid models. It features a spring-loaded cap so you can easily open it with one hand. Trust us, it’s a lot cooler than fumbling to open it. Plus, who wants to put their beer down to open their lighter?

PyroVault is made of rugged, heat-resistant reinforced polymer that is tough enough to stand up to the challenges you throw at it. The O-ring seal keeps things out and keeps the fuel inside from evaporating. Unlike a bare Zippo whose fluid evaporates within 8-10 days, a lighter in the PyroVault will hold its fuel for nearly 2 months. It also comes with a MOLLE/PALS webbing clip so you never lose track of your lighter.

Sturdy materials and a secure O-ring seal mean that this case makes your lighter a tank. Although you can drop it briefly in water, it isn’t made for diving or prolonged submersion. Still, you can take your lighter into the wilderness in this case and not have to worry that it will flame up when you need it to. As Human Torch would say… Flame On! Best of all? PyroVault is made and designed in the USA. Buy Here


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