The Q 3020i Brings Bigger, Bolder Sound to Your Entertainment

Speaker systems are definitely an investment. And why shouldn’t it be? We invest a lot of time and money for entertainment, so what better way to get the ultimate experience from your music, shows, and movies than to experience sound in all its magnificence? Top tier products can sometimes reach price tags up to the thousands. Those speakers might be wireless or include lots of smart features like voice control, connection to Spotify or Pandora, or even a dedicated app. But what if you’re an audiophile on a budget and just want a no frills speaker that delivers solid sound? The 3020i from Q Acoustics is looking to fit just those parameters.

Q Acoustics prides itself in being different from other loudspeaker companies. The young brand was established in 2006 in the UK by professional businessmen and experts in the audio industry. The team boasts alumni from many top home audio brands, including KEF, Meridian, Mission, and Tannoy. Q Acoustics wants to produce the best affordable loudspeakers in the world. They have created award-winning products, including soundbars, bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, home theater speakers, and architectural speakers. The 3020i is the second model in Q Acoustics’ 3000i-series. The product line includes the smaller 3010i speakers on one end and the 3050i floorstanders on the other. You can mix and match 3000i-series speakers for multiple rooms or multi-channel home theater installations.

Sleek design perfect for any room

The 3020i fits seamlessly in any room, whether they’re sitting on your shelf, entertainment center, or mounted on the stands or your walls. The new low profile binding posts are incorporated with sockets deep enough to accept 4mm Banana Plugs. This makes it easy to position the speakers anywhere in your room, even very close to a rear wall. The 3020i features a clean, curved-corner unibody design that does not stray too far from its predecessor. One new, notable difference is the seamless cabinet with a vinyl wrap, The 3020i is available in four colorways: Graphite Grey, English Walnut, Carbon Black, and Arctic White. All are finished with a metallic bezel around each woofer and feature magnetic speaker grilles.

Impressive sound and deeper bass

Listen to all your favorite jams uncompromised. Many bookshelf speakers are so small that the drivers used aren’t enough to produce a bass you can hear and feel. One of the game changers in the 3020i is the larger cabinet size. Compared to previous models, the cabinet size has increased by 25% for a larger scale sound and deeper bass. The increased internal volume gives these speakers an extended low frequency response for large-scale sound. There’s also less of any cone-generated noise. The 3020i has P2P (Point to Point) bracing, which improves the focus of the stereo image, keeps the enclosure quiet, and gives the soundstage accuracy. There’s also the addition of a new mid/bass driver and 22mm decoupled high frequency driver with wide surround. The decoupling stops the vibrations from the large woofer under the tweeter from interfering with the tweeter’s higher frequency performance for louder and clearer sound.

At $299, the price is unbelievable for what you get. Buy Here

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