The Q-Haus Premium Modular House Suits Any Style

It’s hard to find the perfect home unless you have the money and patience to build the whole damn thing yourself. The beauty of modular houses is that you can customize everything to your liking basically out of a catalog. It’s the closest thing to figuring it all out yourself and a whole lot easier.

The Cliff is a stunning modular house fit for a vacation home or Airbnb. It is suitable in different climates all around the world. The idea for this modern home is to offer more space with a smaller footprint.

The Cliff takes advantage of smart home tech and a more eco-friendly approach. This concept is developed by Q-haus in cooperation with different partners worldwide. 

Ultimate customization for your unique home

The Cliff has a selection of high-end interior and exterior materials that can be altered to meet your wants and needs. The basic layout includes a living room with an open kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms, and one bathroom with a sauna or bath.

The house also has internal and external storage and a large terrace you can enter from the bathroom. Customized options include choosing two or three bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. The exterior has a unique design with angled arches over floor to ceiling windows for a modern look.

Two modules make for an easy assembly for your new home. All technical connections are fully prepared to connect with the overall grid so the house will be usable within one day after the start of assembly. Interior details such as finishes and furniture can all be changed or removed for ultimate customization between basic and premium options.

For example, there are three flooring options, chrome vs matte black bathroom fixtures, and two colors for built-in furniture. It’s almost like you’re playing Sims in real life building your own home-based on the provided options. Buy Here