Q Timex Lets You Party Like It’s 1979

Timex has survived the trials of time and is back to do it again. The Q Timex is a reissue of the original Timex from 1979. Retro is back baby. Bell bottoms, tube tops, and funky music. Everybody loves a classic. Being classic means you like to take a girl out, not just to bed. Classic means your car is washed and detailed, and you definitely showered today. Classic gets you far in life, so let Q Timex take you further.

Impeccable Design

The Q Timex Reissue is made from durable, sleek, and classy stainless steel. There will be no need to run to the jewelers to get your watch set because Timex uses a trustworthy Seiko quartz movement. That makes this watch reliable and accurate, just like the man wearing it.

The face is made from scratch-resistant crystal so you won’t have to worry about when and where the appropriate time to wear the watch is. (The answer is all the time). The band itself is also made from stainless steel, giving the watch a clean, well-put-together look.

In addition to wearing the watch all the time on land, you can also wear it up to 50 meters underwater. Even the fish in the sea will think you are a classy man.

Timex’s signature INDIGLO makes the watch readable in the dark without a digital backlight.

Classy Classic

With all the capabilities of a digital watch, (readability in the dark, water resistance, and durability) there is no reason not to purchase this Q Timex reissue. Make life easier, and classier, with this 1979 gold medal winner of a timepiece. Buy here

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