QB54 Is A Tailgating Game You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Desperately Want


I’m going to cut right to the chase. QB54 is like nothing you’ve ever seen at a tailgate. It’s a tailgating game that is pretty much the love child of football and tailgating.

Now I know you’re sitting there saying, “wtf are you talking about with all this football and tailgating having sex talk?” I honestly have no idea. I blacked out while writing that sentence. Also, it’s hard to describe. Basically, QB54 is playing football at a tailgate, but instead of being annoying to everyone around you, you’re doing it in the most civil way possible.

Anyway, here is QB54 in action. Once you watch other people play it you’ll completely understand what I was saying. Heck, you might even praise me for doing it so eloquently.

And here’s a few testimonials of what QB54 users have to say about the product.

Purchase Here: $99

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