QuickSett Is About To Change How You Snowboard

French brothers Remi and Sylvain are experts in the winter sports industry. Since they began racing down the slopes at age 5, it has become a passion. However, Remi quickly got tired of losing to his brother on a snowboard while Sylvain took skis. In every flat spot he found himself envious of the poles that his brother carried. So, he took to the workshop to fix the problem. For everyone.

If you’re a snowboarder you know that it can be difficult to maneuver some parts of the slope that are flat. Getting stuck is a nightmare. Not only are your feet locked in, your knee is turned at an awkward angle. QuickSett addresses both of these problems with utmost simplicity.

QuickSett replaces the front bracket on your snowboard with a pivoting gear. Assembly is quick and easy. Just attach the QuickSett to your binding by replacing the central disc with the screws that come with the device. Once it is on your board, just put the remote control on your wrist.

When you strap in, you’ll log in to the device using the wrist remote. A Bluetooth connection links the remote and the QuickSett on your board so you can adjust easily on the fly. This is where the magic happens. When you press the unlock button you will be able to easily rotate your foot on the board into a more practical position. Instead of facing perpendicular, your foot can face forward. Much like a skateboard, this puts you in position to push off with your back leg and gain speed on flat areas of a course.

When you’re ready to go back to riding just pivot your foot again and lock into “surfing” position. The whole process takes just seconds and one push of a button on the wrist remote.

QuickSett features battery-saving measures that give it a life of 5-6 days on just one charge. Should you run out of charge on the slopes, an hour on the charger at the lodge is enough to restore the device to full-strength.

Another perk of the QuickSett is when you on the chairlift. On a normal snowboard, your knee twists into an uncomfortable position. With the QuickSett, your knee can be straight and you won’t have the soreness that usually occurs. That’s why QuickSett’s tagline is “Your knee’s friend.”

This innovative product is currently racing towards its goal on IndieGoGo. You can find it there are a steep discount from its planned retail price. If you’re a snowboarder, either professional, passionate, or an amateur, this device will change the way you do things. It is ready to completely revolutionize the snowboarding space. Luckily, you can get your hands on it early and be turning heads next time you hit the slopes. Buy Here



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