R3BAR AlphaPro Goes With You At Your Own Pace

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, the R3BAR AlphaPro is for you. This portable workout device works with you by being able to change in intensity as you do. The device focuses on your range of motion and stability all at once. Comprised of a bar that breaks into two smaller pieces and resistant bands it is easily folds up into its carrying case. Whether you buy this device for rehabilitative reasons, for fun, or to get game-ready, it will be an ever-changing workout.

You may be asking why you would want to buy a machine that improves range of motion when there are so many others out there that can have you looking like The Rock? We’ll ask you: how important is your body to you? Anyone who enjoys lifting will tell you that form is key and if you do something with incorrect form you can really hurt yourself. Part of the design of the R3BAR AlphaPro is to teach proper form and technique. Instead of getting fit fast, this machine allows you to learn skills that will forever help your physical wellbeing.

For those of us that hesitate at the idea of learning a new skill, this workout does come with different types of resistances bands, so you can work up to the next level at your own pace. As for those who will use this to teach others, it is super lightweight. It comes in at only eight pounds, making it highly portable. This makes it a great tool for trainers, weekend warriors, and athletes alike.

Looking more into the professional athlete aspect of it, athletes from the NBA, NFL, NCAA, and NAIA all use the R3BAR AlphaPro. Looking at appearance alone, it looks like something straight out of your local cross fit gym. We can only imagine how great it would feel to master all the movements with this machine, looking both elegant and powerful. Many sports require those two aspects including football, running, swimming, dance and so many more.

The R3BAR AlphaPro was invented by a startup company who decided to “r3think training”. The trick is that you are in control. This forces you to be aware of yourself in space and use the best methods possible to move around. This helps make athletes more efficient in their specific sport. Although the look is unique in itself, the simple construction of this training device is uniquely effective. The old saying ‘less is more’ perfectly describes this piece of equipment. Being able to work out multiple muscles at the same time while working on balance and core strength is a feat in itself, but the R3BAR Alpha Pro does so with just two bands and a bar.

So, get ahead of the workout curve and save yourself from the butterfly pull-up trend. This tool is safe, effective, and beneficial in more ways than one. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Buy Here

Thanks to guest author Caitlynn George for this post!


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