The Rager Cooler Is The Best Soft Cooler With Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

rager cooler

Sometimes even we make mistakes and right now I am forced to admit that we were wrong not including the Rager Cooler on our recent list of the best coolers under $100 on the market right now. For crying out loud, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers! That saves you from bringing an entire item with you to the beach or festival or golf course or wherever you bring your coolers too. Plus, this baby is slick as hell. All black. No frills. It is just a solid cooler that not only fits up to 12 cans or bottles, but it also plays music from any device. Yep, the Rager Cooler is compatible with iPhones, Androids, iPads, and more. The battery is charged with a USB cable and it can last you up to 4 hours. That’s enough time to play an entire round of golf or get more UV rays than you bargained for. Buy Here

rager cooler rager cooler

I included this last image because it is hilariously forced. “Ha Ha. Fun! We’re having fun!” rager cooler

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