RaingerFX Minibar Is The Coolest Guitar Pedal Box You’ve Never Heard Of

Most of the time when you purchase a new guitar pedal box you know exactly what type of sound it will produce. Whether you want something that’s bass-heavy or perhaps one that distorts the sound, you do your research before dropping the cash.

RaingerFX Minibar is the exact opposite. This unique guitar pedal makes playing music a mystery based on… what liquid do you put into it?

Yes, you read that right. Minibar produces different sounds whether you fill it will coffee, water, or olive oil.

Sound Check

The makers of Minibar bill it as a “liquid analyzer pedal.” This makes for some interesting sounds each time you use the stompbox. To start, you fill a small chamber in its body with any type of liquid you can think of. Maple syrup, wine, coffee, distilled water, whiskey, tequila, oil, a milkshake, you name it.

Each type of liquid will produce a slightly different sound when you use the pedal while playing. Part of the fun is that you don’t know what sound each liquid will create. Adding different ones and testing them out is certainly unlike any music playing experience you’ve ever had.

It’s All In The Liquid

In general, the stompbox produces “satisfying band-pass tones.” However, each type of liquid creates a different level of sound clipping.

The team behind Minibar says that deionized water produces a strongly distorted sound. Something like coffee adds a bit of bass to the pedal. Interestingly enough, some Jagermeister gives the pedal a “great dark drive.”

Certain liquids will actually stifle your music altogether. The team says that olive oil produces no sound at all.

With a world of possibilities, Minibar is guaranteed to be a fun experiment. No, you probably won’t be using it on stage. However, it is the perfect addition to your at-home or in-studio gear lineup. Buy Here

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