Rally Rd. Is Investing For Car Lovers

The big goal is to find what you love and then find a way to get paid to do it. Some people love stocks, finances, and staring at graphs all day. Power to them. Some of us like cars. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your love of rare, collectible cars into some money in your pocket as well as a fun investing experience? Better yet, what if you could turn it into big bucks? This awesome new app takes something that was once only for the wealthy elites and makes it something that all of us car lovers can enjoy.

Rally Rd. is an app for your smartphone that allows you to purchase equity shares in the classic, blue-chip cars you’ve always dreamed of. You can start for as little as $40 per share. In fact, Rally Rd. brands itself as “The Intersection of People, Passion, and Profit”. If you love scrolling through pictures of awesome rare cars, then do it right in the app and find your next money-making investment.

Rally Rd. holds all of the cars in a specialty facility built just for the purpose. It is under surveillance by 24/hr CC cameras, and users will soon have access to right in the app. So, once you buy a share or two in one of your favorite classic cars, tune in to see it live. Over time, your shares will change in valuation depending on what the cars are worth. Track it all with vehicle history, price charts, and more all in the app. Learn More

Investing Disclaimer From Rally Rd.:

Each offering on Rally Rd. is conducted under Tier II of Regulation A through an offering statement qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission. An investment on Rally Rd. has significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Prior results are not indicative of future performance; actual results may vary materially. Investors must bear the risk of loss for an indefinite period of time.

Please carefully review the applicable offering statement before making any investment decision. For additional risks and disclaimers, please visit www.rallyrd.com/disclaimer.’


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