Fight Sweat and Odor With Raw Earth Organic Deodorants

It’s a love-hate relationship with sweat. We associate sweat with a good workout, intense Halo matches, and a nice tropical vacation. But then there are the worst times to sweat, like on a first date or before a big presentation. Sweat’s good for you, but we can’t help but hate the gross feeling and of course, the stench. What’s probably surprising to most is that sweat isn’t actually what smells. Sweat’s just a mixture of salt and water. Your BO gets its smell from sweat coming into contact with the natural bacteria on your skin. That’s when you bring on a couple swipes of your favorite deodorant or antiperspirant and hope for the best.

Many people think that deodorant and antiperspirant are interchangeable, but they’re not. Antiperspirants rely on aluminum to work, which plugs sweat glands to block perspiration, hence the name. There have been many reports on the harmful effects of the aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants, including links to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and infertility. While many of the claims are unfounded, people started to gain an interest in the ingredients their products used. There was also more thought into what went into these products and subsequently, our bodies.

Natural deodorants vs. regular antiperspirants

A look into many popular antiperspirants and their ingredients found that they’re probably not for the best and might even be counterproductive. Aluminum compounds can cause an acidic reaction to fabric, which is how those sweat stains on your favorite white tees happen. Antiperspirants also have parabens, an ingredient found in most beauty products as a preservative.

Parabens are synthetic and mimic estrogen, which can disrupt your hormonal balance. Because antiperspirants work by closing up the pores, sweat builds up under the skin, which can cause bumpy skin and irritation.

Unlike antiperspirants, natural deodorants don’t have synthetic or possibly toxic ingredients. There’s also less concern for skin issues and potential diseases. Going natural may provide benefits too. Since natural deodorants don’t have pore-blocking ingredients, the good bacteria keeps working, so you have less odor and no yellow pit stains! It’s a no brainer to switch to a natural deodorant and Raw Earth Organic’s on your side.

All-day, all-natural protection

Raw Earth Organic believes in the importance of taking care of the planet to take care of ourselves. The three pillars of their philosophy are in their name: Raw (minimally processed), Earth (sustainable), and Organic (non-toxic). They don’t use aluminum or any anthetic compounds, only organic and natural ingredients. Raw Earth Organic has a variety of scented deodorants, including lemon lime thyme, vanilla rose, and wildwood. For those with sensitive skin or those wanting a no frills, unscented option, Raw Earth Organic’s Bare is for you.

All Raw Earth Organic deodorants have natural ingredients that work together to kill odor-causing bacteria so you’re kept fresh. Instead of baking soda, which can irritate the skin, Raw Earth Organic uses magnesium, which effectively neutralizes body odor and allows perspiration. True to their philosophy, Raw Earth Organic is organic and sustainable. This goes for more than just their ingredients.

Their deodorant containers feature a simple, clean design with no flashy branding. The best part is that the containers are 100% recyclable and the paper is fully biodegradable. The Raw Earth Organic manufacturing facility is also certified as a B corporation, having met rigorous social and environmental standards. So don’t sweat it—Raw Earth Organic’s got you and your pits covered! Buy Here


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