Razer Tomahawk Gaming PC Is Built For Compact Performance

Gaming PCs come in all shapes and sizes from hulking machines that run complex software alongside games to sleek laptops for the latest releases. When you’re a gamer, you get to decide exactly what you want in your rig.

If you’re after something that doesn’t take up your entire desk but is powerful enough to go toe to toe with the most powerful machines, then Razer’s Tomahawk gaming desktop is what you need. With the latest hardware and a modular build, it gives you the power to play like a pro and lets you optimize your set-up however you want.

Tomahawk For The Win

Unlike most gaming PCs, the Razer Tomahawk comes in a sleek, compact package. That isn’t a coincidence either. Razer designed the desktop to fit right in with a minimalist aesthetic. Tomahawk’s clean lines and Razer Chroma lighting make a statement anywhere you decide to put it.

Speaking of those lights, you can customize them with millions of RGB color combinations that will also sync up to other accessories like your Razer keyboard and mouse.

In terms of performance, Tomahawk brings the heat. The most powerful version boasts an Intel 9th-Gen i9-9980HK 8-Core processor that delivers flawless performance on AAA games. Meanwhile, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series graphics card is ready to handle the ray-tracing experience of next-gen games.

Built For Flexibility

Of course, Razer knows that you don’t just play video games all day (even if you’d like to). For those with other things to do, Tomahawk is a flexible powerhouse.

Its massive processing power is ideal for today’s content creators who need to work with hefty video and photo files and manipulate them in multiple programs. It’s also perfect for streamers since it has all of the I/O ports you can think of.

If you’re looking for a new gaming PC that has every feature you can dream of and then some, look no further than the Razer Tomahawk. Buy Here


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