Boost Your Spirits With The Real McCoy Rum

Everyone knows there’s a difference between a high-quality drink and a cheap one. While that bottom-shelf bottle gets you drunk just as well, wouldn’t you rather enjoy what you’re drinking? Plus, the cheap stuff always leaves a worse hangover the next day. If you’re a fan of rum, we’ve got a suggestion for you: The Real McCoy. Since the days of Prohibition, McCoy’s has been making delicious rums that you’ll love.

Take Your Pick

The Real McCoy offers three variations of their rum, all based on age. They have a 3 year, 5 year, and 12 year bottle. Each of the multi-award-winning rums are unadulterated, meaning there are no added sugars or perfumes. Just the good stuff here.

In Prohibition days, Bill McCoy was the pioneer rum runner. Even then, he became a household name for selling only the best quality sprits. Hence the name The Real McCoy. Today, the small batch artisan rum is crafted by a fourth generation master distiller.

Using only the best selection of local blackstrap molasses and pure spring water, Real McCoy rums come to play. Single-distilled in a proprietary combination of column and artisan pot stills, the rum is then authentically aged in heavy char American Oak bourbon barrels.

This rum is perfect to sip straight or when mixed into your favorite cocktail. With zero gluten, zero added sugars (so good we had to say it twice) and just 65 calories per ounce, you won’t look back. And we haven’t even told you what it tastes like yet.

3 Years In The Barrel

The Real McCoy’s 3-year-aged Silver Rum leaves the barrel in light amber. Then, it is carefully filtered through charcoal to remove the color and leave the flavor and aroma. With a notes of citrus, nutmeg, and a palate of buttery caramel and hints of coconut, you can’t go wrong. A long warm finish leaves you feeling satisfied with this everyday drinking rum.

5 Years In The Barrel

The flagship rum of The Real McCoy brand is their half-decade aged variety. It both exemplifies their artistic spirit and provides you, the drinker, with a warm, well-balanced experience. A smooth, luxurious texture compliments a palate of caramel, buttery cinnamon, and bourbon-aged oak that reflects its time in the barrel. A finish with a hint of tobacco again shows its beautiful age.

12 Years In The Barrel

Where were you 12 years ago? Maybe in college pounding Jello-shots? Maybe stuck in your first job? Or maybe you were up all night with a new baby. This fine-aged rum was settling in for a long nap in oak barrels. Ideal for drinking straight, this rum is exceptionally smooth, rivaling the world’s finest spirits. Complex wood and spice flavors complement hints of tobacco and caramel and are followed by a soft, smoky, peppery finish.

Next time you reach for the liquor shelf, let The Real McCoy come to mind. It more than deserves a spot on your self and in your glass whether you’re casually drinking mai-tais, mojitos, or straight rum. Just don’t let the pirates know. They’d be all over this world’s-finest rum. Buy Here


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