Check Out This Awesome Rebuilt 1978 Aston Martin AM V8

Love classic cars? Love classic cars that have been rebuilt and given a second chance at life? Then look no further. This 1978 Aston Martin AM V8 is a blast from the past that demands attention and respect. Yeah, that means from you. Check out what this ride has to offer:

Where It All Started

The Aston Martin was originally sold as new in the United Arab Emirates and then relocated to London in 1986. Its power comes from a 5.3-liter twin-cam V8 engine aside a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission that replaces the original automatic. Original parts from the car include a flip-tail rear spoiler and four Weber downdraft carburetors. Oh, and a spare tire. Yeah we know that isn’t what you care about. The original wheels are actually worth caring about. Factory 15” alloy wheels roll the old chariot along inside of Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires.

Outside, the car flaunts a 1990s classic repaint in Kentucky Blue that compliments a Magnolia and Navy interior. At the same time as its repaint, it got a new front windshield. You’ll also find Lucas driving lights up front to guide your path. The interior got a refresher in 1997 with its current Magnolia Connolly leather complete with navy blue piping on the seats and door panels. That matches the blue carpets and padded dashboards. A wooden Nardi shifter sits in the center along with a new matching steering wheel.

Specs and Additions

For your listening pleasure, an aftermarket Clarion Bluetooth head unit has been added to the car along with new speakers and an amplifier. On the dash, 5-digit odometer shows the car’s mere 59k miles. Should you need it, a fire extinguisher is situated next to the driver’s seat. The only reason we can think of is in case the hot look of this ride is too much for the universe to handle.

The engine itself is original but was rebuilt to Vantage-spec by Steel Wings in Hopwell, New Jersey in 2007. It features new cylinder heads, a valve job, a rebuilt alternator, and a new aluminum fuel tank. Brand new service in 2018 adds a new flywheel, clutch and starter.

If you’re looking for your next ride, you could at least consider this classic car. Okay, sure, you probably won’t be the lucky driver that gets their hands on it. But you can still look. Looking never hurt anyone. Unless that’s why they feature the fire extinguisher inside. Put your laser eyes away Superman. Learn More


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