Cook Delicious Game And Foraging Meals With The ‘Recipes From The Woods’

Recipes from the Woods Cookbook

There’s something very empowering about being able to live off the land, and ‘Recipes from the Woods’ is a cookbook that teaches you to do that. Recipes in this cookbook teach you to cook with hare, venison, and wild boar. Buy Here

The categories are broken out into the following: furred game, feathered game, mushrooms, herbs, and snails, and nuts and berries. Soon you will be able to find ingredients to cook with out in the woods and live off the land. You will also soon feel like a new man with these skills.

Recipes from the Woods Cookbook

Shooting times & Country Magazine writes that ‘Recipes from the Woods’ is “an excellent glossary and useful advice on foraging for mushrooms.” Horse & Countryside state that “your mouth will be watering from the first page.” Glowing reviews like these go on and on, and I could keep talking about them all day. Instead, I’ll let you click on through using that link below!

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