Store Your Record Collection in Style With This Minimalist Stand

Vinyl records have been back on the rise for over the last decade. Whether you’re into classics like Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, and Pink Floyd or more modern music like Mac Miller and Daft Punk, there are now records for every taste and era. The collection’s one thing and choosing the main attraction, the turntable, is another. With the comeback of vinyl, the selection of turntables is plenty. U-Turn Audio, Crosley, and Audio-Technica are just some of the more popular brands of turntables. Now that you’ve got your records and turntable, the next thing to consider is how to display your carefully curated collection. Most collectors are familiar with the tried and true method of using milk crates to store their beloved records. But with the time, effort, and money it takes to create your collection and music nook, you might want something better.

Simple, modern, and functional

DesignAtelierArticle, a design company based in Cherkasy, Ukraine, has a cleaner, more minimalist approach. The company creates unique and functional home decor, including bookends, log holders, clocks, candle holders, hooks, sculptures, and more. They also sell organizers for your records, such as displays, crates, and stands. Many of the organizers are mobile with wheels for easy transport around the home. 

For lovers of simplicity, their metal vinyl record holder stand will store your music in style. The stand is available in black, blue, and gold, and in two models: 240 LP and 300 LP. The 240 LP model measures 45 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. The 300 LP model is a little wider, standing at 19.67 inches wide. This stand is a compact and elegant way to store your LPs. It’s handmade and perfect for your daily selection of listening. When you start adding to the collection, DesignAtelierArticle has plenty of other options to store everything, including a more grown-up version of a crate. The stand comes fully assembled and is ready to use right away, so you can focus on the important things, like what new records to get. Buy Here

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