Get Ready for Summer Adventures with “Recreational Kayaking”

As summer nears, so does the time for waterside adventures! Have a good workout and enjoy nature’s beauty with kayaking. Whether you’re a beginner or developing paddler, Ken Whiting’s “Recreational Kayaking – The Ultimate Guide” is a great tool to learn from. “Paddler Magazine” named the author one of their “Paddlers of the Century.” He is also a World Champion kayaker and five-time National Champion, so you know you’re getting real expert advice. “Recreational Kayaking” is the tenth of Whiting’s award-winning series of books and DVDs. The easy-to-read guide will make your paddling adventures fun and safe.

The 192 pages are broken down to 11 chapters, starting with how to choose the right gear. Learn important issues before hitting the water, essential strokes, maneuvers and more. Whiting also covers kayaking safety including capsize recovery, paddling in rough conditions and first aid. Whether you’re kayaking for fitness or paddling with kids, Whiting covers a lot of the possibilities recreational kayaking has. You’ll also read a brief history of the kayak as well as different types and their uses. The guide features over 200 stunning, full color photos from across North America. “Recreational Kayaking” will inspire you to get out there and experience the fun of kayaking. Buy Here

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