The Reevo E-Bike Is the Bike of the Future

The pandemic has many of us looking for alternative ways to travel locally. For those without cars, public transportation is a staple, but COVID’s made trains and buses a hit or miss with mask usage. Scooters and bike share programs are popular in large cities as well. If biking’s your thing and you’re looking to invest in something more advanced, Beno Inc. has an exciting little number with the future in mind. The Reevo is a hubless electric bike that just oozes Tron vibes. The bike was in development for four years and made its debut on Indiegogo with a $50k goal. Beno Inc. has since raised well over 1,000% of their goal and it’s not hard to see why.

Innovative tech and design for urban living

The Reevo is without a doubt, eye-catching. It has a strong, lightweight core and a sleek, avant-garde black finish. One of the e-bike’s defining traits is its wheels, which have no hubs or spokes. That design characteristic lends to the ultra-futuristic look the Reevo carries. The tires spin on a bearing along the fixed rim so the hollow wheel actually creates storage space. There are also built-in 800-lumen LED lights integrated into the wheels. Another great feature of the Reevo is its ambient light sensor. The sensor detects darkness and will turn on or off your headlamps and tail light automatically. Other great design features include an ergonomic saddle, USB charging port, and dashboard cradle.

Tech’s another big reason to invest in a Reevo. Not only does it look good, but it’s functional and designed for urban use. The e-bike has an advanced anti-theft system featuring world-class triple-barrier security. This includes a one-touch fingerprint sensor on the handlebars, an automatic padlock, and GPS tracking capabilities.

The Reevo is powered by a 48V, 10.5Ah battery that takes three hours to charge in full. The American model has a 740W motor and the European model has a smaller power of 250W. Reach up to 25 mph or 25 kph speeds and shred the street in style with the bike of the future! Pricing starts at $1,999 with the Early Bird perk. Bikes are expected to ship in March 2021. Buy Here

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