Isolate in Style With the Relaxation Hoodie

We’ve been sheltering in place for a while now and there’s obviously been some changes to our day-to-day. Other than our haircuts, for the lucky ones working from home, our “ootd” have definitely changed. For all those Zoom meetings, we have the more professional look of a shirt and no pants—a true classic. Or on the regular, there’s the common quarantine fit of a hoodie and sweats. Step up that casual look just a bit with the Relaxation Hoodie, combining comfort, style, isolation, and some safety in mind. The Relaxation Hoodie is something you can wear when you go on walks or grocery runs and need some protection for your face. It’s also great if you just need like an hour of peace from the roommates you’ve been cooped up with for the last few weeks. Just zip up and savor the privacy.

A portable and wearable self-isolation tank

Vollebak are the geniuses behind the Relaxation Hoodie and many other adventure gear that blends modern tech and design together. Launched four years ago, the company has earned innovation awards from TIME and Fast Company. Another accomplishment is their creation of the world’s first Graphene Jacket, using the only material in the world with a Nobel Prize. The Relaxation Hoodie was designed to help us chill out and create space in any environment. It’s a practical piece of clothing doubling as a do not disturb sign over your face. As cities go into lockdown and masks become the norm, the Relaxation Hoodie may not be as out of place as you’d think.

The hoodie acts like an isolation tank, designed to block you from external stimulation. This is useful when you need to relax before a competition, are overwhelmed by your surroundings, want to sleep on a long flight, or whenever you need to be in your own space. It’s comforting, relaxing, and unlike an actual isolation tank, portable. 

Innovative and thoughtful design

The hoodie has two large pockets on the front with waterproof neoprene zips. The left pocket is much higher than the right, designed that way so your arms are comfortable in a folded position. Both pockets stretch around to your back. It’s like you’re giving yourself a hug! Another innovative touch is the breathable mesh visor, which lets you see out, but nobody can see in. When zipped up, day turns into the night even in the brightest environments. You still have enough visibility to shop, look out for traffic, and people not properly six feet away from you, and basically, go about your day-to-day. The hood also features six laser cut and welded breathing vents by the mouth. In addition to the front pockets, the hoodie also has an internal zipped chest pocket for your phone and an internal cable channel for earphones. 

Made from insulated, breathable fabric that’s water repellent and wind resistant, the Relaxation Hoodie can withstand less than ideal conditions. It also has the cushioned feel of a neoprene wetsuit and the comfort and warmth of a sleeping bag to help you chill out anywhere. Wear the hoodie like a normal hoodie or zip it all the way up when you need to be alone. The Relaxation Hoodie is a marvel in clothing design and functionality. Buy Here

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