The Relonch: Pay For Your Photos, Not The Camera

relonch camera

The Relonch camera seeks to turn the entire photography industry on its head. Instead of paying for a high-end camera, with the Relonch camera you only pay for your favorite photographs and those will only cost you $1 per photo. There is also a $99 membership fee.

The Relonch is a high-end camera housed in a gorgeous leather case that protects everything but the camera lens, viewfinder, and shutter button. Thus removing all of the clutter you might find on a typical DSLR camera with thousands of confusing setting options. The goal here is to take the burden of cost off of the actual hardware and mobilize a new generation of photographers by removing the prohibitive barrier to entry of high-end cameras retailing for thousands of dollars. With this model you pay for the membership and not the hardware. Not to mention, the pictures cost a fraction of what they might retail for at a printer.

The camera comes with a built-in SIM card which sends all of your photographs to the company’s servers. At the end of each month, the Relonch algorithm crawls all of your photographs and sends you the best ones to review within their App. After that, you have the option to purchase your photographs for $1/picture. It’s that easy!

relonch camera

relonch camera

Here’s a quick look at the Relonch camera business model, as described by Relonch co-founder and CEO Sergey Korzhenevich:

“We’ve looked at lots of different business models (sales, subscriptions, etc.) and chosen the most fair and honest one – payment based on results. To put this another way: if you want remarkable photos, we believe you should pay for the photos, not the camera. And only if those photos are truly remarkable. We also think that a remarkable photo shouldn’t cost more than your morning coffee. So with Relonch, you will pay $1 for a photo that you might have been willing to pay $100 or even $1000 for.”

These cameras are expected to be released to the public sometime in mid-2018 or later. If you are interested in reserving one of the Relonch cameras for yourself and learning more about their payment models you can put down a $99 deposit now on the company’s website to ensure your place in line once they hit the market. You can also go follow Relonch on Facebook to keep up with the latest news as they work towards releasing this revolutionary take on photography to the public.

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