This Vintage Industrial Foosball Table Adds Class to Any Room

Some games just scream college frat parties. Think beer pong and foosball. They’re classics and you’re bound to have played them at least once in your life. But these games aren’t anywhere near new—they have history. Beer pong is believed to have evolved from a similar game with paddles from the fraternities at Dartmouth College during the ‘50s and ‘60s. However, foosball has its origins dating further back and it didn’t start on any campus. There have been patents for similar table games as early as the 1890s in Europe. However, the actual foosball we know and love today didn’t come to be until later. 

The origins of foosball

In 1921, Harold Searles Thronton from the UK invented the game when he saw how popular football was in Europe and Spain. He wanted to make a tabletop game that everyone can enjoy in their own homes. He named it foosball since most languages around the world called the sport something resembling football. However, there were also claims that it was invented in the ‘30s by French inventor Lucien Rosengart. It’s said that the foosball we play today is from Alejandro Finisterre’s invention in Madrid in 1937.

Lawrence Patterson brought the game to the U.S. in the ‘50s and its popularity soared, peaking in the ‘70s. Foosball is still a popular game today in pool halls, bars, arcades, and homes alike. The game has such a rich history tied to a beloved worldwide sport. If you’re looking for a new game for your home that’s fun for everyone, a foosball table is a perfect addition. And there’s nothing better than a sleek, vintage-inspired table.

Industrial and vintage design

Restoration Hardware sells upscale home furnishings from lighting and textiles to rugs, hardware, furniture, and more. They are the epitome of classy decor and a one-stop-shop for all your home needs. The vintage industrial foosball table will give your space a sophisticated look. The tabletop pitch is finely crafted with natural volcanic basalt set in a reclaimed hardwood case. The hide replicates the fine artistry of the best vintage foosball tables. The table is mounted atop sturdy curved cast iron legs for the industrial aesthetic. It measures 58¼”L x 46½”W x 36½”H without handles extended; 75¼”W with handles extended. For this piece that delivers class and fun, it’ll cost you $8,395 and $6,296 if you’re a member. Buy Here