Rev House: Make Life Extraordinary

A home is the largest purchase the average person will ever make. We certainly put a lot of thought into this decision, but do we put the right thought? You spend the vast majority of your life in and around your home, so why get some cookie-cutter place that looks just like all the neighbors? The Rev House was built around that mindset. With this gorgeous lake house/penthouse, it’ll make every moment that much more special.

Simple, Elegant, and Peaceful

The peaceful and bliss-filled lifestyle accompanied by the average lake house meats the elegant and elevated feel of a modern penthouse. This is the perfect combination to make this home the ideal spot from busy house parties, to relaxed nights in watching movies. The Rev House is filled with plenty of wide-open windows, and even has a beautiful seating area on top. This lets you get the most out of every view. Every ray of sunshine, every fallen leaf, and every change of the seasons will surround you in all its glory. Inside the walls of this home is equally stunning.

From the bedroom to the kitchen, even to the sauna, it’s got the look and feel of an elegant penthouse. The use of bright yet neutral colors allow the surrounding nature to really make the view, and the sun let in through the windows light the place up like nothing else. No matter where you go in this house, or which way you face, it’s nothing but beauty and incredible design.

Your home should be a special place. Whether you’re having coworkers over for a nice dinner, having friends over for a house party, or just spending the night on the couch binge-watching your favorite show, your home should accommodate. The Rev House is not only right for all these occasions, but it makes every moment so much better. With an unbeatable view and location, and immaculate design from wall to wall, this place has it all. Buy Here

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