The Revelot R7 Avantgarde Is A Futuristic Mechanical Watch

Want a cool mechanical watch? Get ready to open up your wallet and drop a big wad of cash on it. Oh wait, you don’t have to with the R7 Avantgarde. This awesome watch brings together the world of high-quality Japanese mechanical engineering with affordability and style. This one-of-a-kind timepiece is something that you need on your wrist today. Fortunately, it’s affordable so you can do just that.

The makers of this watch claim that they were walking around an abandoned aircraft hangar when inspiration for this watch struck. The dystopian feel of the hangar and the high quality Japanese engineering serve as inspiration for this unique watch. The team behind it believe in honest pricing, quality production, and a long-lasting watch. This means that your watch is not only affordable but will last for years to come. Don’t forget how good it looks on your wrist.

Inside, the watch features striking mechanical movements and pieces. When you look inside you can see all the inner workings of the watch with every second that passes. Not only is this beautiful, it is the mark of craftsmanship.

Thanks to an anti-reflective sapphire glass cover, you’ll always be able to see the inner workings. This cover ensures maximum durability and clarity while also being scratch resistance. Even if you wear your watch every day, wear it to work, or are clumsy and bang in on the table, this watch won’t scratch.

The case of the R7 Avantgarde is 316L stainless steel. If you aren’t familiar, this is high-quality stainless that looks great and keeps the watch safe. It is also water resistant, so you can wear it rain or shine. But that’s not all. The back of the case isn’t just boring stainless steel. It is see through, exposing the engine of the watch for your viewing pleasure. Yes, that means that you can see the Japanese mechanical movement from every angle.

Whatever your style preference is, there is a model of the R7 Avantgarde for you. The case itself comes in a variety of colors from black, stainless, and blue to rose gold. Get one for yourself, get one for a friend, or get two for yourself to match different outfits. Hey, we won’t tell.

Another thing we love about the R7 Avantgarde is that its band is fully changeable. This means you can opt for a casual brown leather band for daily wear and change into a classy black leather band for that black tie event. Who says your watch can’t dress up too?

With plenty of color options, band options, and irresistible Japanese mechanical movement that is visible from every angle, there’s nothing not to love about this watch. Oh, and don’t forget how affordable it is. You really can get two and still have money left over compared to buying another fancy mechanical watch. Buy Here


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