The Revolution Cooking R180 Toaster Is the Modern Kitchen Gadget Your Breakfast Needs

There’s nothing better than a delicious piece of toast to start the day. Pair it with a cup of joe and you’ve got yourself a great morning. Toasters may not be what comes to mind when you think high tech, but cooking appliances are increasingly more advanced. The Revolution Cooking R180 is a high-speed 2-slice stainless steel smart toaster that will give you the perfect toast. Get your toast the exact way you want it thanks to the proprietary InstaGlo heating system and touchscreen controls. No more slow toast, burnt toast, or toast stuck in the toaster. You can enjoy that crispy on the outside, warm on the inside, perfect toast we all deserve.

Smarter and tastier

The revolutionary InstaGlo heating system is one the main highlights of the R180. It reaches a full glow in two seconds and cools down fast. Your delicious toaster offerings will be cooked fast, evenly, and consistently every time. The double helix etched metal heating coils require no pre-heat time and less energy than traditional toasters. This tech was designed working with a team of world class engineers. Since InstaGlo heats up faster, the outside of the bread is seared without drying the inside. You’ll still have the rich, moist flavor locked in. Another great feature is the toaster’s auto glide, which lowers and lifts your toast so it never gets stuck!

There are 63 precise settings that can be accessed in three easy taps. First, you select your bread type. The toaster has custom settings for breads, bagels, English muffins, frozen waffles, and toaster pastries. Then you tap whether it’s fresh, frozen, or just needs reheating. Next, you choose your level of toastiness with seven browning levels available. Then you click start and it’s as easy as that. There’s also adjustable screen brightness. This revolutionary toaster will really up your breakfast game, so if you love toast or modern gadgets, the R180’s a total no-brainer. Buy Here

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