Luxury Meets Military in the New Rezvani Tank SUV

Take your SUV to the next level and a whole lot of extra with Renzavi’s Tank, Military Edition. Beefed up from their original Tank SUV, this monster is truly formidable. Designed for defense, but built for the road, this baby is probably the toughest extreme utility vehicle ever made for civilian use. The B7-level armor means you’ll be protected from high-powered assault weapons. Kevlar wrapping on the radiator and a bombproof undercarriage really make this machine own up to its name. Strobe lights, sirens, a full intercom system and thermal night vision are also standard features.

The heart of this beast is a 6.4L 500hp V8 engine, but you can upgrade to a Hellcat 6.2L 707hp V8 engine to power through any terrain. Military grade run flat tires give you the stability you need for the most extreme conditions. Magnetic deadbolts and electrified door handles provide maximum security. A survival kit protects you from natural disasters or harmful chemicals, and includes military grade gas masks, a hypothermia kit and first aid kit. The luxury interior offers a sporty feel and supple driving experience. Choose from over ten leather seat styles. This tank is 100 levels of extra, but why not if you have cash to blow? It’s perfect for the zombie apocalypse. Pricing starts at $295,000. Reserve Yours

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