Rhino Band 2 Makes Your Apple Watch Tough

Smartwatches are awesome. You can call, text, and even play games right on your wrist. Not to mention you feel like an action movie badass while doing so. Unfortunately, many guys who work in tough environments can’t wear one because they are too fragile. Until now.

You can buy a case to protect your valuable smartphone. Now you can buy a watch band and case combo that does the same for your smartwatch. The Rhino Band is the toughest option out there for keeping your Apple Watch safe in almost all situations. It is made from advanced military grade polyurethane that invites all the challenges life can throw at it. Oh, and it looks cool too.

The first edition of the Rhino Band was extremely successful. Now, the second generation is ready to leave an even bigger impact. And take them too. It is for the man who lives even the most rugged of lifestyles. Rhino Band lets your Apple Watch take bumps, scrapes, drops, and shocks like they are nothing. When are they going to make one of these things for the rest of your body?

The advanced blend of the Rhino Band makes it tear resistant and durable for everyday wear. It’s also flexible and comfortable for wearing so you won’t mind the protection. It secures with a stainless-steel snap button buckle that latches on “like a suit of armor.”

Assembly is quick and easy, unlike many other watch cases on the market. In fact, it is just one step. Screw the case around your Apple Watch and put it on your wrist. It is really that easy.

Rhino Band gives you the ability to wear your smartwatch in the gym, in the shop, or in the mountains without needing to worry. You’ll never think twice again about whether you should live adventurously or keep your watch safe. With this protective case, you can do both.

Even though the case adds some heft to your watch, you retain access to every component. All of the buttons are easily accessible and all the sensors make full contact with your skin like they should. The face is easy to touch and the case stays out of your way. The audio port also remains free for easy listening. Charging your watch is also seamless. There’s no need to remove any part of the case or move it in any way. Just plug your watch in and go.

Rhino Band 2 replaces Apple Watch bands of the 42mm size and is compatible with Series 1, 2, and 3 watches. So, whether you’ve got the newest tech or were an early adopter, you can still protect your investment. You won’t regret the sense of security and freedom that comes with snapping this case around your watch and knowing it is safe. Buy Here


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