Ridgemont Monty Light-Hikers Are The Perfect Everyday Shoe

Your coworkers just asked you to join them for a quick afternoon hike on your lunch break. You’re stuck wearing dress shoes though, which means you can’t go. Sad. The next day you show up ready to go for a hike on your break and no invitation comes. Your coworkers make fun of you for wearing clunky hiking boots into the office. Sad. If only there was a better way. Fortunately, there is!

The Monty Hi from Ridgemont is an ideal daily footwear choice. Who doesn’t love the classic light hiker style of the 80s? The style went away for a while, but it’s starting to mount a comeback. But thanks to these classy shoes, that comeback will likely be moving quickly from here on out.

Where to begin. The brown oiled suede that makes up most of the shoe is a great look whether you’re strolling down the street or hiking up a trail. Lugged treads let you keep your footing in slippery situations whether next to the water cooler or next to a waterfall. An EVA-cushioned footbed makes them great for all-day, everyday wear. Finally, the black mesh (waterproofed) and orange rubber details make these boots a fashion statement. You heard it here first, these will be the next big trend. Hop on board now so you can tell your friends that you’re a trendsetter. We won’t tell that we told you first. You’re welcome. Now get going! You’re late for your hike. Buy Here

Ridgemont Outfitters Monty Hi Boot

Ridgemont Monty Hi Brown Boot

Ridgemont Outfitters Monty Hi Boot

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