Ring Video Doorbell Pro Keeps Your House Safe 24/7

Okay, we’re still waiting for the Ring doorbell that can automatically release a turret of machine guns to stop criminals in their tracks. But, since that likely won’t happen for a while (or ever) the Ring Video Doorbell Pro does an awesome job. For keeping your home safe until the Boston Dynamics robot dog is weaponized, turn to this high-tech doorbell.

Whenever someone comes up to your door, the Ring Doorbell automatically starts recording video and audio. It also sends a live feed to your phone, where you can have a live look-in at what’s happening. The doorbell includes two-way talk, so you can tell that would-be criminal to go find another house. Even when it’s dark, infrared night vision lets the camera keep your house on lockdown.

The Ring Doorbell is easy to install, even if you have no skills at installing things. Seriously, we promise you can do it. Once installed, you can control the doorbell with Amazon’s Alexa or through the Ring app on your smartphone. You can program the device to automatically send notifications when someone comes onto your property so you can see who it is.

When it comes to keeping your home safe, you need the best. Again, no minigun turrets on this model, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Shy of blasting criminals away, the Ring Doorbell Pro will let you keep your home safe by knowing what’s happening, even from halfway around the world. Where was this when the Home Alone movies came out? Poor Kevin. Buy Here

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