This Isn’t The Nerf Gun You Remember

If you were a kid anytime in the last 40 years, you probably had some form of a Nerf gun. Okay, whatever, they call them “blasters” but we all know it’s a Nerf gun. If you haven’t been a kid since Nerf guns came out then you’ve surely been plagued by the foam darts that seem to find their way into every nook and cranny of your house. Nerf darts are like the guy equivalent to bobby pins. You will find them everywhere and won’t be sure where they come from.

Even if you thought you had the coolest Nerf gun as a kid, this one puts it to shame. I remember my first Nerf gun and how excited I was to get it. I can’t even imagine the excitement that comes with this one. With Christmas coming up (yeah, it’s right around the corner) this blaster makes a great gift for any kid in your life. Or, well, you could treat your inner child.

If you’re wondering what makes this Nerf gun so cool, then you’re in luck. We’re about to tell you. For one, it fires up to 8 rounds per second. That’s right, 8 rounds per second. Imagine how many darts you’ll find around the house after a minute of shooting. Hint: 480. In reality, more like a million. But wait, this blaster doesn’t use darts. It uses high-impact rounds. You know, just in case you have to take out a Nerf tank or armored car. We aren’t exactly sure what makes a foam bullet “high-impact”.

Oh, the velocity you say? This blaster fires small foam rounds about the size of a ping-pong ball at 100 feet per second. For reference, an average airsoft gun shoots about 200 feet per second. An average paintball gun shoots about 300 feet per second. So, this isn’t your ordinary Nerf gun. This bad boy has some kick. You probably won’t be able to get away with blasting your unsuspecting little siblings with this one.

Just in case you didn’t already assume, this Nerf gun is fully motorized. It uses a rechargeable NiMh battery to power up the fun. A detachable shoulder strap and tactical rails let you keep a firm grip on it at all times.

Just in case you don’t want to take our word for it, check out this hilarious review from Amazon purchaser “Yellow Fury” :

Admit it, you want to buy this, but the price stirs that part of your brain that tells you it would be an irresponsible purchase…don’t listen to that voice, it doesn’t understand….when I rain down a hurricane of small, foam, balls of yellow fury upon my kids and their antiquated, single load nerf darts, it is physically impossible to not laugh out loud…when they (my kids) seek refuge behind the couch and I simply calculate the angle of the adjacent wall and allow sheer velocity to continue to pelt them, they know who’s boss here…rumors of my superior fire power have spread far and every child in the neighborhood respects and fears me a little more now…this gun should be standard issue for fathers everywhere…zero regrets. Buy Here



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