Treat Yourself to a Perfect Buffet of Meats With the Roadkill Summer Sausage

There’s never a bad time for a road trip…if you’re prepared. When you’ve settled on the perfect camper or RV, like a Sealander, Escapod, or SYNC Van, next to a well-curated playlist, you need a good selection of snacks. When fruit isn’t satisfying enough for you and you don’t want basic unhealthy snacks like cookies and chips, sink your teeth into something more meaty.

There’s no shortage of mainstream options when it comes to meat sticks and jerky. Krave, Jack Links, and of course, the OG Slim Jim are your basic choices. But when Slim Jims and jerky aren’t enough to satisfy your carnivorous cravings, snack on Hunter’s Reserve wild game meats. Get your protein fix with flavorful offerings, including summer sausage, jerky and sticks, steak, bratwurst, and poultry and fish. Hunter’s Reserve even has cheese spreads to complete your snacking or party apps.

Hunter’s Reserve wants to give you adventure you can taste. Their mission is to produce the best tasting, quality wild game meats and meat snacks. They are a family owned and operated company with over 20 years experience in premium wild game products. Despite the name of some of their products, like the Roadkill Summer Sausage, Hunter’s Reserve products are made only with humanely raised animals. Their meats are healthy and never made with fillers. The gourmet wild game meats are naturally lean and lower in cholesterol than beef products, but still with a juicy, delicious flavor.

Satisfyingly meaty and well-seasoned

The Hunter’s Reserve Summer Sausage line is perfect for when you’re craving something meatier or looking for a unique gift. Summer sausages are usually a mixture of pork and other meat like beef or venison and can be dried or smoked. They are usually seasoned with with mustard seeds, black pepper, garlic salt, or sugar. Most sausages use leftover scrap meat and organ meat, but Hunter’s Reserve does not use fillers. All of their sausages are gluten-, MSG-, and nitrite-free, except for the naturally occuring nitrite in celery juice powder and sea salt. You’ll have a delicious and distinctive tangy taste when you choose a summer sausage due to its fermentation.

Hunter’s Reserve has a variety of summer sausages, including standards like bison, elk, venison, beef, duck, pheasant, and wild boar. There are also flavorful blends like Jackalope, a blend of venison and rabbit, and Roadkill, a buffet of wild boar, elk, venison, pheasant, and pork. The mixture of five premium meats in Roadkill is perfectly seasoned. It’s flavored with a blend of sea salt, citric acid, red and black pepper spices, celery juice powder, organic evaporated cane syrup powder, cherry powder, and dehydrated garlic. It’s a one-of-a-kind summer sausage and the perfect blend for a scrumptious snack. It’s great on the road, in your backyard, or as a novel gift. You’ll truly indulge and satisfy those meat cravings when you dig into the 14 oz 100% USA-made Roadkill summer sausage.

Taste it all with Hunter’s Reserve sets

You can also try summer sausage sets for a taste of everything. The Folklore Favors box includes the Jackalope and Roadkill summer sausages, a mythical combination. It also has jalapeño pepper and sharp cheddar cheese bars. Try all the sausage flavors with the summer sausage 4 oz or 6 oz sets, which includes all ten sausages. Taste the adventure without actually hunting! Buy Here


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