Robbox’s Smart Drill Is The Drill Of The Future

They have graced us with convenience by making just about everything smart. From smart cars to smart plugs and smart homes to smartphones. Sometimes, though, those things just make people dumber.

That could not be further from the truth when it comes to the Robbox Smart Drill. This is a drill from the future-ready to make your work go smoother than ever.

Pretty and Powerful

It can be hard to drill straight when your wrist is at an odd angle or your ladder isn’t quite tall enough. With Robbox’s Smart Drill there is a feature to help combat those problems, a digital level.

It helps keep you drilling straight by displaying a digital bubble for you to center. An even more advanced feature is that you can select an angle you want to drill at, let’s say 45-degrees, and your bubble will be given a new target zone.

Another neat feature is drill point coordinates. The drill is able to measure, with a laser, the distance between the floor and the wall or the wall and another wall and tell you where you want to drill. Drill perfectly straight rows, right on the stud, on every wall, every time.

Torque touch control is the smart feature that puts you in charge. You can set the amount of torque that you desire, and the drill lets you go to work. Is a smart device truly smart if it doesn’t allow you to have any control?

The final feature is the one to be most excited about. Robbox’s Smart Drill is equipped with an intelligent speed setting. You simply select the material you are working with and the size of your drill bit and the drill will set the torque and speed for you. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Buy Here