Train Like Thor With The Rogue Fitness War Hammer


Working out can get boring. Some people use things like good morning quotes to find motivation and others just keep looking for new ways to improve our strength and fitness. That’s where the Rogue Fitness War Hammer comes in. It is a 42-inch, 14-28 LB indestructible training weapon that can be used in strength or cardiovascular training.

The Rogue Fitness War Hammer is 14-pounds as is, but the user can add weight to the head making it as heavy as 28-pounds.

If you pick up the War Hammer, you should also consider buying the rogue fitness ballistic block ($99) if you don’t have a tire or another place in your house to slam it.

Buy: $125


Check out the Rogue Fitness War Hammer in action


Total Length 42″ – Handle Length 38″
Empty weight 14LB, weight with sand 20LB, weight with lead shot 28LB
38″ long handle that passes through the head for the strongest design possible
Removable back plate to add/remove weight

If a round-headed hammer is more your speed, check out the MostFit core hammer.

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