The Rogue Load Trainer Is A Smarter, Safer Way To Weight Train On-The-Move

Carrying around heavy weights on your back is a great way to do two things. One, get in great shape. Two, throw out your back faster than you can say back. However, for those who still want the benefits of weight training on-the-move, an ALICE pack frame is a good option. The US military uses the frame to carry ruck sacks. It is a metal frame that stabilizes and secures your pack. Many athletes have turned to these pack frames and a ruck sack loaded with weights to do their training. While effective, it’s difficult to change out the weights and they shift around inside the pack. Not anymore.

The Load Trainer mounts to a standard ALICE pack frame and is a weight post that you can wear. To add or remove weight, just slide on or off standard Olympic plates. You’ll always know exactly how much weight is on the frame, no more guesswork. The Load Trainer attachment comes brand new, but ships with a gently used ALICE frame so you can get training right away. The frame is actually retired from the US military, so you can train twice as hard knowing that you’re following in the footsteps of our nation’s heroes.

The Load Trainer attachment helps to stabilize the weights on the pack and reduce any shifting or bouncing, even during high-intensity runs. A hitch pin keeps your weight safely on the rack and sitting in the top-mid portion of your back, reducing the risk of injury. Buy Here

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