Flex Your Music Knowledge With the Rolling Stone Trivia Game

As the pandemic rolls on, we’re looking for more ways to stay entertained in our own homes. Whether it’s making banana bread or doing home workouts, there are many activities we can have fun with during these crazy times. Board games have been increasingly popular and puzzles surged in high demand in April. We have the tried and true classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, and UNO, as well as other popular titles like Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, and Codenames. Your stack of board games can never be too high and there’s always something new around the corner. Big Potato, a Shoreditch-based indie board games company, has created everything from quiz games and party games to kids’ games and toys. 

Rolling Stone: The Rock & Roll Party Game is their game “for anyone who’s ever heard a song.”

A fun musical showdown

The game box is designed to look like a stack of several volumes of Rolling Stone, the pop culture magazine first known for its coverage of rock music and for politics. It covers six decades of music ranging from rock, pop, R&B, and more. The game comes with 200 cards, an electronic timer, gameboard, and instructions. Two AAA batteries and a minimum of four players are required, but the more, the merrier! Two teams battle it out in two parts: 

  1. Head To Head: A category card is picked (e.g. songs containing the word “day”) and both teams face off in a quick-fire karaoke battle. Each team has 15 seconds on the buzzer to think of a song for the category and shout the lyrics and slap the buzzer. The last singer standing wins the round and their team has an advantage in the next part.
  2. Charades: The winner of the first part takes six Artist cards or records. Each card represents a different artist and the winner chooses three to give to the other team. They both have 30 seconds to get their teams to guess the artists by describing, quoting, and humming them out loud. When the team guesses correctly, they add the record/ card to their collection.

The game is great for parties, family nights, and anything you have an itch for fun. This is the game where legends are made. Buy Here