Rooftop Pools Are Taken to A New, Death Defying Level

Rooftop swimming pools will never not be cool. Swimming on top of a building with a birds eye view on whatever lays below is tough to beat. Do you know what else are cool? Infinity pools. Feeling like you’re in a neverending ocean that disappears over the horizon is something truly special. What if these two were combined, and taken to heights that have never been seen before? I’d tell you to imagine that, but someone already has, so instead I’m telling you to take a look at what the designers at Compass Pools have come up with.

Height Isn’t the Only Thing This Pool’s Got Going For It…

Let’s just get it out of the way, yes this pool is very high in the air. Yes, it’s amazing, scary, exciting, all that and more. It’s actually designed to be 200 meters up, sitting atop a 55 story building in downtown London. That is extraordinary, but this pool has so much more going for it I’d like to move on before spending too much time addressing the obvious. So, this infinity pool is very clever. It is heated but in the smartest of ways. The thermal energy produced in the buildings AC system will heat this pool to keep it swim ready no matter the weather. It also has a glass bottom so friends can wave as they pass by above or below. One question that came to mind when I first saw this design was… how will people get in? It goes to the edge of the roof, am I missing something? Yes, it has a spiral staircase that will rise out of the water when used so people can enter and exit through the pool itself.

This pool has many amazing features going for it, but honestly, it’d be cool regardless of those. Having an infinity pool that overlooks a beautiful city is more than enough for any swimmer. Heres to hoping they bring one to a city near each of us someday! Learn More

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