The Roost Laptop Stand Gives You A Comfortable Workstation

Not all desks are created equal and your posture suffers for it. Odds are you’re all too familiar with that laptop hunch that’s terrible for your posture. Standing desks becoming a staple in many offices show that people are starting to pay attention to the importance of having a comfortable workstation. When working on a laptop for four hours or more, you’re at risk for a lifetime of computer-related pains. It’s just not worth it.

Enter the Roost Laptop Stand. It’s lightweight, compact and gives you the ideal ergonomics for your laptop usage. The Roost adjusts your laptop screen to be at eye level so you’re not hunching; this is critical for productivity and good posture. Used with an external keyboard and mouse or next to your desktop monitor, the Roost will give you a comfortable and painless workstation.

The Roost fits almost all laptops and has an adjustable height up to 12 inches. It easily collapses accordion-style and comes with a rip-stop nylon carrying sleeve for ultimate portability. It’s also super stable, so clumsy folk don’t need to worry about knocking it over and destroying their expensive tech and work. Convenient, well-designed and no more body aches? Sounds like a great investment! Buy Here

roost computer stand

roost stand

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