RUA 3 Kawasaki 550LTD198 Is A Motorcycle Disguised As Art

Motorcycles can take many forms and fashions. From a powerful Harley Davidson to a sleek Ducati, there’s a bike out there for everyone. Sometimes, though, the two-wheeled creations rolling out of a shop aren’t enough.

That’s where customization comes in. With the right parts and designs, motorcycles can start to become more than a vehicle—they can be a work of art. Ruamachines, a Portuguese company founded by Armando Fontes and Victor Rocha, has taken this to heart. Their various bikes are nothing short of stunning.

The Rua 3 Kawasaki 550LTD198 is especially impressive.

Meet The Rua 3

Ruamachines is responsible for many eye-catching builds. However, the Rua 3 is one of the most notable. It has a design that rests somewhere between steampunk and retro without going over the top.

Its rich black parts look stunning under the brown leather seat. Meanwhile, an intimidating rear wheel gives the bike plenty of character. With Rua’s classic signature on the side, this bike is sure to turn heads on the street.

Ruamachines Transforms Motorcycles Into Art

Sometimes, a passion for something can turn into a storybook career. A shared passion for motorcycles and fashion led Fontes and Rocha to create Ruamachines. The duo originally focused on transforming motorcycles into something that looks like it fell out of a Steve McQueen movie.

Since then, they’ve continued to blur the line between modern art and motorcycles. They focus on retro styles that draw out the timeless character of their two-wheeled masterpieces. Ruamachines isn’t content with just any retro, however. The company wants to define “the new retro.”

Thanks to the unique designs it creates, Ruamachines is well on its way to doing so. If you think the Rua 3 is impressive, be sure to check out the rest of its custom creations. Learn more

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