Get Rid of Stinky Odors with the Rub-A-Way

There are some things soap and water can’t get rid of. Like Lady Macbeth, you can rub as much as you want, but it ain’t happening. While not as macabre as guilt-fueled hallucinations, ridding your hands of smelly odors from foods can be a pain. Chopping food like onions and garlic or handling seafood tend to leave your hands smelly, even long after several washes. When soap and water aren’t enough, it’s time to break out Amco’s Rub-A-Way Bar. Amco has been making cooking and cleaning easier since the 1970s with innovative products like the Rub-A-Way. This bar is the solution to removing strong, stubborn odors.

Made from high-quality lightweight stainless steel, unlike traditional soap bars, the Rub-A-Way will never need to be replaced. To remove unwanted scents, simply rub the bar between your hands like regular soap. You can use the bar with or without water. The stainless steel is the magic ingredient. The molecules in the steel will bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands and the smells will be lifted. Simple! The handy Rub-A-Way is a great addition to any kitchen and makes a cool gift for avid cooks. Now if only there was a bar that removes bad vibes. Buy Here

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