Rumpl Beer Blanket is a Cold Drinks Best Friend

There’s nothing better than kicking your feet up and relaxing by the beach or pool with a cold drink in your hand. Although, there’s nothing worse than your cold drink getting warm before you can even drink a fourth of it. With the Rumplr Beer Blanket your cold drinks will stay colder longer, and it’s the perfect koozie for beachgoers, lake goers, or ‘goers’ of any other kind.

Rumplr Tops All Other Koozies

Koozies and drink sleeves are not the most groundbreaking thing ever, so you may think they’re all the same. The Rumplr may just be another insulated drink sleeve, but it’s the handiest of them all. It’s made of all the right stuff to keep your cold drinks cold, just like you’d expect. It also is made of stain-proof material. Your parties, BBQ’s, and tailgates are no match for the Rumplr. The material repels drinks like water, soda, beer, wine, and more. Even if it could stain, it’s machine washer friendly so you can toss it in, let is spin, and go drink again.

Inside the sleeve is a tight webbing that will hold your beverage in place no matter the shape or size of the cup. This handy little holder all comes in a design that can be quickly and easily folded up into a little baggie. Carrying your koozie is made simple in this bag which folds nearly flat so packing it away is a breeze. It also features a small handle to either carry or clip onto other things.

The Rumplr is the handiest, smartest koozie out there, and you get it for just $10. Next time you head to the beach, bring a Rumplr, and maybe bring one for a friend too. Buy Here

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