RVCA Zak Noyle Camera Backpack Makes Traveling With A Camera Easy


We live in an age of convenience. That is why the world keeps finding ways of making major and minor inconveniences slightly more palatable. And that is what the RVCA Zak Noyle Camera Backpack does. Zak Noyle does away with the age old problem of having to lug around a backpack for all your clothes and other EDC items while also having to carry a separate bag to keep your expensive digital camera safe and sound. It does both.

This water repellent backpack features a removable camera compartment, a laptop compartment and contains extra storage pockets throughout the bag. The camera compartment on the bottom was sized to fit the largest height of any Canon camera body made so you know every DSLR camera will fit without being too tall. The top features a roll down and clip-to-close function; this allows you to have more or less room as you need for different items packed. All things combined, you get one terrific and very convenient backpack. Buy Here


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