The Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Wallet Laughs in the Face of Other Wallets

Before you read any further take out your wallet. Now open it, look at it, really investigate. I bet most of you are looking at cheap pleather, maybe some velcro, or even just cloth. Maybe you haven’t put much thought into it before, but couldn’t you do better? Your wallet is where your most important belongings are held. Your identity, your money, credit cards, debit cards, and even irreplaceable family photos. It’s time to step up your wallet game, and I’ve got just the piece in mind.

Only Trust the Best for Your Most Important Possessions

The Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Wallet is a high-quality piece for your valuables. As the name states, this wallet is made completely from full grain Bison Leather. This is no rubber, fake plastic-leather. This is strong, durable leather that will hold up to a lifetime of use. A nice piece of this wallets design is the simplicity. Some wallets are littered with slots, pockets, and flaps. They look fancy, but really just make your wallet to fat to fit in your pocket (for all the wrong reasons) and make it hard to find the right cards. Along the top of the wallet is a long open slot, most likely to store physical money or some gift cards. On one side there is a large unmistakable ID slot.

The other has 2 open slots for credit/debit cards or gift cards. This is more than enough room to keep everything you need on you but in a simple and practical way. Some things are best when they are simplified, and your wallet is one of those things. There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel and create some high tech, fancy groundbreaking wallet. It’s simple, and it should stay that way.

The Ryder Reserve Bison Leather wallet is the high-quality item you should trust to hold your most important items. It’s made from high quality and durable materials, and it’s designed to be simple and functional. What more do you need? I’d bet it beats whatever mess you use as a wallet now, I know it beats mine. Buy Here


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