The S-Biner Carabiner Is Your New Favorite Everyday Carry Accessory

S-Biner Carabiner Nite Ize

The S-Biner carabiner from Nite Ize isn’t built for rock climbing. No, this is an accessory built for everyday carry. It holds 25-pounds of pressure, perfect as a clip on your pack or keychain. The best part about this handy item is that it costs less than a soda. Buy Here

The S-Biner from Nite Ize actually comes in multiple sizes. Featured below is the Size 3, which holds 25-pounds of pressure. The sizes scale up and the Size 5 has a 100-pound capacity if you need more strength.

S-Biner Carabiner Nite Ize

S-Biner Carabiner Nite Ize

S-Biner Carabiner Nite Ize

Nite Ize’s S-Biner is made from weather-resistant stainless steel designed to last the test of time. It’s a perfect everyday carry item to keep clipped onto your backpack or to hold the keys in your pocket.

The S-shape is designed to make it as powerful as possible. The spring gate on this carabiner locks your valuables in place, keeping them secure. At just $2.44, you simply cannot have enough of these handy tools spread throughout your house, car, and camping gear. It will come in handy in ways you cannot being to fully realize yet.

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