The Saberlight Thunderblade Lighter Doubles As A Tactical Multi-Tool

saberlight thunderblade lighter

The Saberlight Thunderblade lighter doubles as a tactical multi-tool. On the outside, it functions as a windproof lighter. On the inside, there’s a built-in knife, hammer, glass breaker, and more.

The Thunderblade is an arc lighter with a carbon steel-coated serrated knife that will serve as the perfect survival tool for any outdoorsman. Not only does the arc lighter function in both the wind and the rain, but the knife is a crucial everyday carry item, and the integrated steel ball can serve as a glass breaker or hammer. It even has a built-in USB plug for easy recharging in a pinch. Buy Now

saberlight thunderblade lighter

saberlight thunderblade lighter

The Details:

  • Efficient plasma arc provides a heat source that is windproof & can light in any direction
  • Carbon steel blade has partial serrated edge that may be removed if desired
  • 2mm diameter steel ball located at the bottom tip may serve as a glass breaker or hammer
  • Integrated USB plug allows for easy charging without having to remember a cord

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